About Us

TMJ Doctors Los AngelesWe’re a group of dentists that are passionate about providing unique and innovative TMJ solutions in Los Angeles and across the US. TMJ Doctors Los Angeles consists of some of the most experienced and talented dental specialists. We are aware of the risks, pain, and irritations that patients suffer when experiencing TMJ problems.

From Orange to Maywood to Costa Mesa, we’re spread out throughout the Southern California region, with an average of 20 years experience in providing TMJ treatments and services.

TMJ Doctors Los Angeles wants to create a unique network of TMJ treatment specialists where everyone can have access to some of the most experienced and skilled dentists. High quality care covering TMJ is a rare commodity in the LA area, so we’ve built this network to provide all the resources available for patients to find the dental care they need.

Whether patients are suffering from jaw pain, bite problems, or neck irritations, our network hosts a diverse and complementary team of dentists with the specific skills to address every aspect in TMJ.

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