Marisa M.

Marisa M. Jaw PainI’m a mother to three beautiful children and I have lived a comfortable life until recently when I started experiencing migraines and pain around my head. My friends told me these were just the stress of motherhood and that I had nothing to worry about. But the pain continued for days and weeks, the problem was really starting to interfere with my family life.

I finally decided that I can’t let this continue and so I looked around the internet for any doctors that may help me with my problem. I was directed to the website of Dr. Farshad Saghatchi and I learned he has experience in treating problems relating to headaches. I decided to set up an appointment with him and the front desk recommended a TMJ treatment for my particular case.

I met with Dr. Saghatchi for a diagnosis and TMJ treatment. He told me that I had some lingering TMJ problems which were causing continuous pain around my head. I became worried about possibly having a serious case but the doctor assured me that he can treat the problem using the safest and most effective methods.

After the treatment, the lingering pain in my head was gone and I was so relieved. I can sleep better, rest without any problems, and concentrate more on taking care of my family. I also did not have to continue using painkillers. I sincerely would like to offer my gratitude to Dr. Saghatchi for his care and allowing me to continue living a pain and stress-free life. If I run into future problems, I know Dr. Saghatchi is the TMJ Dentist in Los Angeles I can trust to provide the solution I’m looking for.

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