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The doctors of our network are highly regarded specialists in the area of Temporomandibular Joints, which is a common source of pain and irritations experienced by patients.

Temporomandibular Joints, or TMJ, are located on the sides of the face and positioned in front of the ear. The TMJ controls functions that allow people to open and close their mouth, eat food, and speak.

When people experience jaw pain, bite problems, chewing irritations, or pain in the neck area, there is a high probability that they are experiencing problems with this joint. Headaches, ear pain, discomfort, tooth problems, joint locking, and shoulder discomfort may also be secondary symptoms of TMJ problems.

The dentists at TMJ Doctors in Los Angeles have built a network where patients suffering from TMJ issues can have access to their skills and their combined 20 years of experience providing TMJ services. We’re highly aware of the risks that TMJ carry and we work with the utmost determination to provide the best possible TMJ treatments to patients in the United States.

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