Terry S.

Mouth Pain LA

Throughout my college and high school years, I was a baseball player playing as a designated hitter for my team. After the end of my baseball playing days, I began to feel a pain around my neck.

I consulted many professionals and services such as chiropractors, orthodontists, and acupuncture to diagnose or resolve the problem. None of those treatments helped me at all, in fact, the problem continued to grow worse. I stumbled upon TMJ doctors in Los Angeles and they told me Dr. Daniel Teboul may provide the answer to my problem.

I was unsure whether his services would pay off but after a relatively comfortable diagnosis, Dr. Teboul said the source of my pain was a misaligned jawbone. He immediately went to work with a TMJ treatment and I immediately felt a huge pain lifted off my shoulders.

I am glad to know that at TMJ Doctors in Los Angeles, there are professionals I can always rely on to relieve me of my TMJ problems.I was surprised at how painless and comfortable the treatment was but I was glad to know that the pain in my neck was a thing of the past. I can only thank Dr. Teboul for the level of care he has shown me, and the sincerity of his words helped calmed me down throughout the procedure.

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